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How to start Windows XP in Safe Mode?

    How to start Windows XP in Safe Mode?

    Note: The window and message that is displayed may vary depending on models.
    Note: When in the Safe Mode or Diagnostic Mode, the Operating System will configure itself with minimum functions and drivers to start Windows.

    To start Windows XP in Safe Mode, please follow the steps below.
    1. Press the F8 key when the SONY logo appears after turning on the VAIO computer.
    2. On Windows Advanced Options menu, select Safe Mode and press Enter.

    For some models, Please select boot device: window may appear instead of Windows Advance Options menu. In this case, press ESC and pressF8.

    3. On the Please select the operating system to start menu, select Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition and press Enter.
    4. On the user selection window, click on the desired user.
    5. When the warning message Windows is running in safe mode. appears, click Yes.
    6. When the VAIO computer is running in Windows Safe mode, the Safe Mode text will appear on the four corners of the desktop.