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Why do error messages appear when Windows® XP is started using a created user name?

    Error messages appear when logging on to Windows® and Windows® cannot be started using a created user name.

    Err Msg:
    1. Profile is broken.
    2. The operating system could not read the profile stored locally. Creating a new local profile.
    3. Logged on to the system using the default system profile as system could not normally read the profile. Correct the problem and log off the system.

    If the user profile has error, error messages will appear and user will not be able to log in to the system.

    Please refer to the steps below to resolve this symptom.
    This solution describes the local user profile.
    If the symptom occurs in loading the profile on a server when logging into the network, please contact the relevant network administrator.

    A. Create backup
    1. Log in the system as a user with Administrator privileges.
    If logging in the system under all users is not successful, start the system in the Safe mode and log in the system as Administrator.
    2. Copy the necessary data to a given location or media with Explorer.
    Note: When a folder or a file is security-protected, user cannot create a copy under an unauthorized user.

    B. To make it possible to use the system under the same settings as before

    - Method 1: Reset the system with a newly created user
    If Method 1 fails, plese use the following method.

    - Method 2: Execute System Restore
    Note: This may damage the data stored in the computer. Please back up all important data before executing System Restore.
    Sony cannot be liable for any loss of data due to the execution of System Restore.

    It is impossible to identify the causes of profile corruption in most cases and to prevent it completely. We recommend that you back up important data on a regular basis.
    If the problem occurs frequently, please back up the data regularly and reinstall the system with the Recovery CD-ROM.