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If I start TELNET under the [Auto hide] settings of the taskbar on my PCG-C1**, the KARNEL32.DLL message appears. Why is this so?

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If I set the taskbar to [Auto hide] on the PCG-C1 series, the KARNEL32.DLL message appears sometimes during the startup of [TELNET]. Why is this so?

We have confirmed the symptom.

To avoid the symptom, please refer to the following procedures:

A. To change the settings of taskbar
1) Right-click on the taskbar, and then click [Properties] from [Menu].
2) Clear the [Auto hide] check box in the [Taskbar Properties] dialog box ([Taskbar and Menu Properties] in the case of Windows Me) and select the [Always on top] checkbox.

B. To change the screen resolution
1) Click [Start], point to [Settings], and then click [Control Panel]. Then double-click the [Display] icon.

2) Set the slider bar in the [Screen Area] box to values other than [1024 x 480] in the [Settings] tab of the [Display Properties] dialog box.