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What to do if sometimes wireless connection is unstable and cannot connect to Internet?

    The computer equipped with Intel PRO/Wireless in-built wireless adapter as below may encounter the following issues.
    The following are only suitable for the computers loaded with network adapter.
    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG
    Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG
    Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection

    • The computer cannot connect to wireless access point.
    • The computer cannot connect to the network.
    • The communication rate (communicating speed for data) is low.
    Reference information
    Please refer to the information published by Intel.

    When using the built-in adapter of wireless access point or Intel PRO/Wireless, it may conflict with computer's power-saving function and cause the connection to be unstable and slows down the running speed.

    Please refer to STEP below to resolve the issue.
    STEP 1 Confirm whether users have installed the firmware updating program for wireless access point.

    Please consult the manufacturer of the wireless access point to confirm whether firmware updating program is provided.

    STEP 2 Change the setting of power manager from Minimum to Maximum in the built-in wireless network drive.

    If there is no firmware updating program or latest firmware provided,please Change the setting of power manager from Minimum to Maximum in the in-built wireless network drive.

    ■ Windows XP
    ■ Windows Vista

    When changing the setting of power manager from Minimum to Maximum, the run time of battery is shortened because the built-in wireless network adapter does not run in power saving mode.
    The run time of battery depends on the total power consumption of the computer and the battery capacity.

    Windows XP

    Please refer to the following steps.

    ※ VGN-T series
    1. Open [Device Manager].


    2. Click + beside Network adapters, right-click Intel (R) Wireless ViFi Link 4965AGN, and click Properties.

    3. Click Advanced, and then select Power Management in Property.

    4. Change the value from Lowest to Highest.

      If Use default value is selected, please disable it.


    5. Click OK.

    Windows Vista

    Please refer to the following steps.
    1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.


    2. Click Mobile PC and then click Power Options in Control Panel.

    3. Click Change plan settings in plans shown on the battery meter.

      Here is an example of VAIO balanced setting.

    4. Click Change advanced power settings.

    5. Click + beside Wireless Adapter Settings, and then click + in Power Saving Mode.

    6. Select Maximum Performance in On battery and Plugged in.

      The following is the interface of Plugged in.

    7. Click OK.