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Banding appears on the screen during high-speed sync shooting.

    Banding may appear when shooting high-speed sync with low flash power at a fast shutter speed. In high-speed sync shooting, the flash continuously emits small bursts of light to create near-flat lighting with minute light-dark pulsations (ripples). When the shutter moves at a fast speed, the ripples and shutter exposure can synchronize, which then appear as bands on the screen. If this occurs, try the following:

    Notes: Depending on the model, some functions may not be available.

    • Reduce the shutter speed.
    • On a camera that allows you to adjust the setting for the electronic front curtain shutter, select Off.
    • On a camera that allows you to set the Shutter Type, select Mechanical Shut.
    Image photoShutter speede-front curtain
    Pronounced banding1/8000 sOn
    Slight banding1/1000 sOn
    No banding1/8000 sOff