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My Glass Speaker doesn't charge or takes a longer time to charge

    Check the following.

    • Use the supplied micro-USB cable and the USB AC adaptor.
      NOTE: Using anything other than the supplied USB AC adaptor or micro-USB cable may result in an inability to charge or cause malfunctions.
    • Make sure that the micro-USB cable is firmly connected to the speaker and the USB AC adaptor.
      In addition, make sure that the USB AC adaptor is firmly connected to the AC outlet.
    • Charging through the computer is not recommended.
      Depending on the specifications of the computer or operating system, the battery may not be able to charge even if the speaker is connected to the USB port of a computer.
    • If you charge the battery while using the speaker, charging may take a long time to complete.

    About the  (on/standby) indicator

     The speaker is onThe speaker is offThe speaker is in the BLUETOOTH/Network Standby function
    Charging completeLights up (white)Turns offQuickly flashes (white)
    ChargingSlowly flashes (white)Lights up (orange)Quickly flashes (orange and white)