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What types of USB hard disk drives (HDD) are compatible with Sony's BRAVIA TV?

    IMPORTANT: This page has information regarding USB hard disk drives (HDD) that are compatible with specific BRAVIA TVs. Please check the Applicable Products of this article.

    A USB HDD that can be used with some BRAVIA TVs must meet the following conditions. However, even though it may meet these conditions, Sony does not guarantee that it will operate. Use a USB HDD at your own risk.

    Choose your TV model type:
    Note: For your TV model type, refer to the How to check if your BRAVIA TV is a Google TV™, Android TV™, or other TV article.

    For Google TV or Android TV models (except for the models below)

    Exclusion models: A95L, X74H, X75H, W8, X7, W8K, X74K_X75K, W8L, X64L, X70L, X74L, X75L, and X77L series

    For A95L series

    For X74H, X75H, W8, X7, W8K, X74K, X75K, W8L, X64L, X70L, X74L, X75L, and X77L series

    For other TV models