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How to register the TV as a DivX Certified® device?

Register your TV as a DivX Certified device.

    To register your TV as a DivX Certified device, please check the following:

    1. Make sure you have the latest version of the DivX Player on your computer and internet connection.
    2. Open DivX Player on your computer.
    3. Select VOD ImageRegister a DivX Certified device…
      Log in or create your DivX Account if you have not done it.
    4. Enter the DivX VOD registration code for your device.
      To find DivX VOD registration code, go to Settings Image System Settings Image Divx(R) VOD on your TV.
    5. After you complete the registration, you will be prompted to save the registration video.
      This file should be played on your TV to complete registration.
    6. Transfer your registration video to compatible USB device.
    7. Connect the USB storage device to your TV.
      On TV, press HOME then select Image Image Videos Imagethe desired USB device or media server.
    8. Playback the registration video.
    9. You have registered your TV as DivX Certified device.

    For the information on how to register your device as a DivX Certified device, please click here.