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What is the Privilege Movies 4K app and how to use it.

    Purchase any of the following 2014 4K Series TVs after October 1, 2014 and receive a free Sony® portable hard drive that is preloaded with 10 4K movies titles.

    • KD-xxX8500B Series
    • KD-xxX9000B Series
    • KD-xxX9500B Series
    • KDL-xxS9500B Series

    Note: Applicable models may differ depends on country.

    After setting up the TV and connecting the hard drive to the USB input, you will be able to choose, unlock and enjoy 5 of the 10 preloaded movies for Free using the Privilege Movies 4K app.

    For additional information, review our frequently asked questions .

    Top 10 movies

    Follow these steps to make sure that the TV is properly set up:
    hook up

    1. Connect the TV to the Internet.
    2. From the Settings menu of the TV, make sure that the TV has the latest system software installed.
      Software Update
    3. Connect the hard drive to any of the available USB inputs on the TV.


    After ensuring proper set up, follow these steps to access the preloaded movies using the Privilege Movies 4K app:

    1. Using the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
    2. Select All Apps.
      All Apps Home menu
    3. Select Privilege Movies 4K.
      4K Privilege Movies icon
    4. Create a Privilege Movies 4K account .
    5. Select the movie you wish to unlock.
      Select Movie
    6. Select Unlock Movie.
      Unlock Movie button