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How to reset a forgotten Microsoft account password.

    A Microsoft® account is an online account that will allow you to download apps from the Windows® Store and automatically sync settings between different computers to obtain the same look and feel on each, including settings like browser favorites and history. If you have associated a Microsoft account with your Windows® 8 or 8.1 computer, this will be the credentials to be used when logging in. Follow the steps below if you have forgotten your Microsoft account password.

    1. Before doing anything else, try to remember your password.  The password might have something to do with one or more of the following:
      • Your Name.
      • Name of a friend, family member or spouse.
      • Your birthday, family member's birthday or spouse's birthday.
      • An important date (e.g. anniversary)
      • Pet name
      • Your Social Security or Drivers License number.
      • A combination of any of the above.
    2. The password is case sensitive, so try entering the password in uppercase, lowercase or a combination of both.

      NOTE: Make sure that Caps Lock and Num Lock are not activated.

    3. If steps above does not resolve the issue, follow the steps provided in the Windows tutorial regarding this concern.