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Connecting the Xperia smartphone or tablet with the Blu-ray Disc/DVD Home Theatre System by one touch.

    By holding a one-touch mirroring compatible smartphone(*) near to the N-Mark on the unit, you can wirelessly mirror your entire Xperia smartphone screen on a big screen TV.

    * Although only smartphones are mentioned in the descriptions, the description applies also to tablets.

    1. Press MIRRORING on the remote control.
    2. Hold the smartphone near to the N-Mark on the unit until the smartphone vibrates or plays a short sound.

      When the smartphone is connected with the unit, the smartphone's screen will be displayed on the TV.

    To exit mirroring

    Press HOME, RETURN or FUNCTION on the remote control.


    • For connection with smartphone, release the screen lock of smartphone, then touch.
    • For the position of the NFC detection area on the one-touch mirroring compatible device, refer to the instruction manual of the compatible device.
    • If the unit cannot recognise and connect with the compatible device, try touching a few times.
    • You cannot access to any other networks during mirroring.
    • The quality of picture and sound may sometimes be deteriorated due to interference from other network.


    • You can select your preference sound field during mirroring by pressing the sound field buttons. For details, refer to the Operating Instructions.