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There is insufficient or no volume output from your Walkman.

    The build up of foreign substances such as earwax in the headphone sections may cause deteriorated sound quality or sound loss.
    Clean the earbuds and your Walkman after every use as follows.

    1. Wash the earbuds.
      1. Remove the earbuds from the headphones.
      2. Wash the earbuds by hand using a mild detergent solution.
        After washing the earbuds, dry them thoroughly.

    2. Wash your Walkman.

      NOTE: Do not rub foreign substances on the mesh sheet. Doing so may push them into the headphones.
      (1) mesh sheet
      1. Rinse the headphone sections of your Walkman with gentle running tap water. 
        (1) headphone sections

      2. Wipe the moisture off the surface of your Walkman using a soft dry cloth.
      3. Pat the headphones softly against a dry cloth. Pat repeatedly about 20 times.
        Then place a dry cloth under the headphones and leave at room temperature for 2 or 3 hours.