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The camera and the computer are not connecting.

    Follow these steps to troubleshoot this issue.

    1. Check the camera specifications to ensure it is compatible with the computer operating system.

      IMPORTANT: Some software or hardware installations and changes require the user to be logged into the computer as Administrator or to an account with Administrator rights.

      NOTE: For model-specific information, consult the instruction manual of the camera.

    2. Check if the operating system of your computer has been upgraded; operations are not guaranteed in an upgraded environment.
    3. Ensure the USB cable is properly plugged into the terminal of the camera and the computer.

      NOTE: For models that connect via the USB cradle (or Cyber-shot® Station), check the connection of the USB cradle as well.

    4. Disconnect any other USB devices (except for a mouse and keyboard) from the computer; other USB devices may cause the camera to not be recognized properly.
    5. If your computer has multiple USB ports, try connecting to another USB port.


      • Some computers have different USB controllers for each port. In this case, connecting to a different port may solve the problem.
      • Connect the USB cable directly to a USB port on the computer. Using a USB hub connection may cause the camera to not be recognized properly by the computer.
    6. Ensure the recording media is inserted in the camera, otherwise the camera will not be recognized properly by the computer.
    7. Ensure the camera is set properly in the menu to use the USB connection.

      NOTE: Some cameras must have the USB Connect option in the menu set to Normal, Mass Storage, or PTP.

    8. Turn the camera off and then back on again; the computer cannot recognize the connection unless the camera is on.
    9. If the issue is not resolved, reinstall the USB driver .