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Panoramic pictures are not printing.

    Not all printers support the printing of panoramic images. Since panoramic pictures are wider or taller than typical photos, the printer may not support the image size. In this case, you can print the images by copying them to a computer and then change the size that is supported by the printer. Check the specifications of your printer to find out the image sizes it supports for printing.

    Alternatively, you may be able to take your memory card with the panoramic pictures to a local photo lab or pharmacy that has the ability to develop pictures. There are also online photo services where you can order panoramic prints.


    • Not all digital cameras are capable of taking panoramic images. Meanwhile, images taken using the 3D Sweep Panorama function found on some cameras will print as 2D images. To see if your camera has a panorama feature, check the specifications on the supplied manual. 
    • When printing a 3D image, a different image from the one displayed on the camera may be printed because the 3D images displayed on the camera are MPO files, but the images to be printed are JPEG files.