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Unable to activate or use the Voice Dial feature on the Bluetooth audio system.

    For models released in and after autumn 2015: Be aware that Voice Dial cannot be performed from these products. When connected to SongPal, select BT Phone to use it.

    For other models: Check the following.

    If you are unable to start or activate the Voice Dial feature, this may be due to some type of noise interference or it could just be a setting. Follow these steps to try to resolve this issue:

    1. Make sure that the Bluetooth car audio system and the cellular phone are connected.
    2. Verify there is a voice tag recorded on your cellular phone.
    3. Make sure that the cellular phone is in Standby mode. If the phone is not in Standby mode, the Voice Dial feature will not activate.
    4. Noises, such as an engine running, may interfere with sound recognition. In order to improve recognition, operate under conditions where noise is minimized.
    5. Record a new voice tag, speaking louder than your first recording, while seated in the car, via the Bluetooth audio system with the BT PHONE source selected.
    6. Turn the power of your cellular phone off and then back on again.

    NOTE: Depending on the specifications of your cellular phone, the Voice Dial feature may not be compatible. Contact the manufacturer of your cellular phone to be sure that voice dialing is supported.