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How to install the Zoom app on a BRAVIA TV and which TVs and cameras are supported?

    Follow these steps to install the Zoom app on a BRAVIA TV:

    BRAVIA TV models that support Zoom

    The following BRAVIA TV models support the Zoom app:

    • 2024 models: BRAVIA 9 (XR90), BRAVIA 8 (XR80), BRAVIA 7 (XR70)
    • 2023 models: A95L, A80L, A75L, X95L, X93L, X90L, X85L, X82L, X80L, and X75WL series
    • 2022 models: A95K, A90K, A80K, A75K, X95K, X90K, X85K, X80K, X90S, and Z9K series


    • Before installing the Zoom app, update the TV to the latest software available (version 6.7240 or later). For help with performing an update, refer to the How to perform a software update article.
    • While Sony cannot make any guarantees, the Zoom app may be installed and work on BRAVIA TV models other than those listed above.

    Cameras supported by the BRAVIA TV models listed

    The following BRAVIA CAM models are supported:

    • CMU-BC1
    • CMU-BC1M


    • The CMU-BC1M is not sold separately because it is only bundled with specific BRAVIA TV models.
    • While Sony cannot make any guarantees, the Zoom app may work with USB-cameras (Web-cameras) for Android™.

    How to install the Zoom app on a BRAVIA TV

    1. Refer to the How do I install applications on the Google TV™ or Android TV™? article and search for Zoom.
      • Depending on the country or region you live in, you may not be able to find the Zoom app. If this is the case, please contact Zoom for assistance.
      • You can also find help with installing apps in the Help Guide.
    2. Install the Zoom App.