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25 November 2014
Sony Professional Announces Sales Discontinuation of 1/2 inch VTRs and Camcorders with Service Support Provided until March 2023

Thank you for your support for Sony.

With the global trend of migration towards file-based operation, Sony plans to cease sales and
distribution of Professional Video Tape Recorders/Players/Camcorders, targeting around the end
of March, 2016. Sony will continue to provide repair services until the end of March 2023. The
supply of Professional Tape Media will continue and is not impacted by this decision.

Sony greatly appreciates the world-wide use of its 1/2 inch VTR series and remains committed to
enhance the content creation business with further technology development and advancement.

Affected models of Sony Professional 1/2 Video Tape Recorders/Players/Camcorders:
J-H1, J-H3, J-30SDI
HDW-S2000P, HDW-M2000, HDW-M2000P, HDW-M2100, HDW-M2100P, HDW-2000,
HDW-D2000, HDW-1800, HDW-D1800, HDW-S280, HDW-F900R, HDW-650,
MSW-2000, MSW-A2000P, MSW-M2000P, MSW-M2100P,
DVW-M2000P, DVW-2000, DVW-2000P,
SRW-5100, SRW-5500 & SRW-5800.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Sony technical support hotline:

Customer Interaction Centre (CIC)

Tel: 1300-88-1233 (Within Malaysia)

Tel: +6(03)-2203 8585 (From Overseas)

Operating Hours:

9:00am - 6:00pm

(Monday - Friday, except Saturday, Snday & Public Holiday)

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