"Sony goes all out with new Balanced Armature Headphones" - CNET Asia
Official Launch Conference
Check out the pictures from Sony Balanced
Armature Headphones' launch conference in Japan
on 15 September 2011!
What is Balanced Armature?
Balanced Armature Drivers have a high-precision design that allows greater flexibility in tuning higher or lower ranges and can be combined to emphasise certain sounds. This results in more precise control over sound quality.

The need for quality headphones
Different headphones are made using different materials. This in turn determines their unique sound signatures. With a pair of quality Sony Balanced Armature Headphones, you'll be able to enjoy your music with greater clarity and detail – an experience worth listening to.

Why choose Sony Balanced
Armature Headphones?
Sony Balanced Armature Headphones comes fitted with Sony's very own Made in Japan Balanced Armature Drivers. This allows greater control over the sound quality, enabling us to fine-tune our headphones to achieve a wider range of superior sound. So you get nothing less than exceptional sound performance, every time. Now doesn't that sound great?

Designed for your ears only.
Not all ears are created equal. It is with this understanding that our engineers spare no effort in studying the different shapes and sizes of ears to develop headphones with unique designs and styles. So your ears can delight in a more comfortable fit.

Which Sony Balanced Armature Headphones is for me?
Based on your different listening needs, we have a range of Sony Balanced Armature Headphones for your selection.

General listeners
Enjoy crystal clear vocals across a full range of sound with almost any genre of music from Acapella to
Pop music.

Like a rich bassline?
Tune in to powerful bass
with clear vocals and keep
grooving to the beat of your
favourite dance tunes.

Classical & Jazz lovers
Listen to bright and detailed sounds with powerful bass and clear vocals of your well-loved Instrumental pieces.

Discerning audiophiles
Experience the richest sounds across all frequencies – perfect for rock music fans and sound connoisseurs.

Keep noise out
Tune in to your music and tune everything out with the world's smallest and lightest digital noise-cancelling headphones.

For the Traveller
Light and compact, this set of wireless Bluetooth™ headphones is made for those who are always out and about.

Sport enthusiasts
Designed to fit your sporty
lifestyle and your passion for
superior sound with its water
and sweat-resistant features.

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