Music to take you further

On the track, in the pool or under the ocean, the WF-SP900 headphones are all you need to take you further than ever before. With a truly wireless design and 4GB of on-board storage so you can listen anywhere.


WF-SP900 Sports Wireless Headphones

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RM 1,149.00

Enjoy music in places it’s never been before

The WF-SP900 headphones love the water with IPX5/8 waterproof rating, for both fresh and salt water, letting you dive down to 2m.

BLUETOOTH® technology
Stream with BLUETOOTH®  technology

Connect manually with BLUETOOTH® technology, or at a touch with NFC™ on the case.

Product shot of WF-SP900
4GB of on-board storage

There’s room for up to 920 songs with 4GB of internal storage.

Earpieces for swimming
Earpieces for swimming

Use the swimming earpieces when you're heading into the water for a watertight fit.

Product shot of WF-SP900 headphones with charging case, USB-C cable, choice of earbuds and round-the-neck leash cord.
Round-the-neck leash cord

The WF-SP900s come with a round-the-neck leash cord for extra peace of mind in the water.

Made for the toughest environments

With a dustproof IP6X design, the WF-SP900s are ready for anything.

Moveable earpiece
Move the earpiece to fit

Everyone’s ears are different, so the earpieces on the WF-SP900s adjust to the perfect insertion depth to fit.

Arc supporters
Arc supporters hold earpieces in place

No matter how intense it gets, the earpieces will stay in place thanks to a redesigned arc supporter.

Stay aware with Ambient Sound mode

Ambient Sound Mode keeps you in the moment while you’re moving. Mixing the music you love with the sounds of your environment, enjoy your favourite tracks and still hear what’s happening around you. Or choose Voice Mode, which lets you hear announcements and other voices.

All the power you need

Fully charged, the headphones let you stream 3 hours of music over a BLUETOOTH® connection. The carrying case holds more full charges, giving you up to 12 hours of playback.

If you’re listening to music saved on the 4GB on-board storage you can listen for up to 6 hours at a time. The carrying case holds more full charges, giving you up to 21 hours of playback.

Up to 12 hours or up to 21 hours playback with carrying case

You’re in control – just tap

A double tap on the left side of the earpieces turns volume down and a double tap on the right turns volume up. Press the left button once to turn Ambient Sound Mode on or off or twice to turn Quick Sound Settings on or off. With the right button you can play and pause, skip to the next song, rewind, take calls, long press for your voice assistant, and more.

Sony | Headphones Connect app
Sony | Headphones Connect app

With the Sony | Headphones Connect app you can turn Ambient Sound Mode on or off, switch between normal and voice mode, set equalizer for Quick Sound Settings and more.

Sony | Music Center app
Sony | Music Center app

Sony | Music Center for mobile lets you see what song’s playing – whether streaming or stored on the headphones. You can also control music playback – play, pause or change playback modes. With Sony | Music Center for PC you can transfer songs for storage mode.

Voice assistant
Launch your voice assistant

Launch Google™ app or activate Siri, from a long push of a button on your headphones.

Specifications & Features

On the track, in the pool or under the ocean, the WF-SP900 headphones are all you need to take you further than ever before. With a truly wireless design and 4GB of onboard storage for offline listening anywhere.
  • Truly wireless with BLUETOOTH® connection

  • 4GB of on-board storage

  • IP65/IP68 waterproof and dustproof

  • Up to 12 hours for BLUETOOTH® connection and 21 hours for on-board storage (both with charging case)

  • Ambient Sound mode (normal / voice)

Balanced Armature
20Hz - 20,000Hz (44.1kHz Sampling)
Yes (Charging Case)

What's in the Box

Charging case: 1 , USB Cable: USB Type-C™ cable (15 cm) , Earbuds: Hybrid silicone rubber earbuds (1set) , Swimming Earbuds (1 set) ,, Arc supporters (1 set) , Leash cord: 1

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