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Can a DVD player purchased overseas be used locally or vice versa?

    Using an overseas DVD player locally or using a local DVD player overseas.

    This will depends on following three conditions.

    1. DVD region code issue
    Region code system is used to protect copyrights. Your player has a region code printed on the back of the unit and only will play DVD VIDEO discs labeled with identical region codes. Click Here

    The player cannot play the DVD VIDEO with a different region code. If you try to play any other region DVD VIDEO, the message "Playback prohibited by area limitations." will appear on the TV screen. However, some DVD VIDEO disc labeled as "ALL Region" can be plackback on the player. Click Here

    The DVD Forum has split the world into six regions. The six regions are :

    Region 1: Canada, U.S. and U.S. territories
    Region 2: Europe, Egypt, Greenland, Japan, Middle East and South Africa
    Region 3: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan
    Region 4: Australia, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and South America
    Region 5: Most of African continent, (Former Russia), Eastern Europe, India, Mongolia and North Korea
    Region 6: China

    2. Mains Voltage condition
    As power supply voltages often vary by country between 120V and 240V, a 120V DVD player must not plug into a 240V mains (power) supply. This voltage specification is printed on the rear of the DVD player. Click Here

    3. Video standard (PAL/NTSC/SECAM) matter
    As there are three main type of video standard in the world, namely PAL, NTSC and SECAM. A NTSC DVD disc cannot play on a PAL DVD player unless the Player is compatible with both PAL and NTSC system. The television been used should also a PAL and NTSC compatible, otherwise the picture will appear black and white or picture is unstable and not able to see.