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The battery pack cannot be charged using the battery charger.

    The resolution varies according to the lighting status of the lamp of the battery charger.
    Check the status of the charge lamp of the battery charger and resolve the issue.

    Status of the lampResolution
    The lamp lightsThe battery is being charged.

    Wait until the lamp goes out when the charging finishes.
    The lamp goes out immediately after it lights.Charging is complete.

    NOTE: If the lamp goes out right after charging has started, there is a possibility that the camera has been already charged. Check the battery remaining amount on the camera.
    The lamp flashes 

    Check the flashing speed of the lamp:

    • If it takes longer than 1 second for the Lamp to light up:
      Charging is temporarily stopped since the battery temperature is too high or too low.
      NOTE: When the battery temperature stabilizes to an optimal temperature, the lamp automatically changes from a flashing state to a lit state, and charging is resumed.
      Remove the battery from the charger, place the charger and battery in an environment of 10°C to 30°C (50°F to 86°F) for a while, and then resume charging.
    • If the Lamp lights up faster than 1 second:
      Charging has stopped or charging cannot be started since a charging abnormality was detected due to the battery terminal being dirty. Check that the battery terminal area is not dirty. If the symptoms do not improve, try removing and attaching the battery, or try charging several times (2 to 3 times).

    If the lamp doesn't light up and you are using an extension cord, directly attach the cable to a wall socket to check symptoms.
    Also, check the diagram below for the direction the charger is to be attached. 
    If you plug the charger into the outlet improperly it may fall off under its own weight.



    NOTE: When using the commercially available battery charger (BC-TRX), change the selector switch according to your charging method.

    • When charging the battery installed with the camera: BATTERY CHARGE
    • When charging by connecting with the USB cable: USB POWER 5V 1500mA