Article ID : 00178476 / Last Modified : 18/04/2021

How to transfer music to a Walkman using a computer.

    Select the method that matches with your environment and intended uses.

    IMPORTANT: There may be different software applications and transfer methods available, depending on the Walkman model. For details, refer to the Walkman manual.

    Using Sony software to transfer the music to your Walkman

    Manage the music using Sony software and transfer it to your Walkman device.

    Music Center for PC (Windows)
    Content Transfer (Mac) 


    NOTE: Support for the Media Go software had ended. For a Windows computer, use the Music Center for PC software. which is the successor to the Media Go software. For Music Center for PC software compatible device information, refer to the Music Center for PC — Supported Devices web page. 


    Other methods of transferring music to a Walkman