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How do I get the driver needed to connect my camera or camcorder to my computer?

    The USB driver download service has ended. However, in most cases you don't need a USB driver. Please check the following for details.

    For non-Tape Camcorders and Cameras

    You will not need to install a driver in order to connect a Sony USB device to the computer. After connecting the USB device, the computer will detect it and install the proper driver automatically.

    For Tape Camcorders

    • For pictures taken on Memory Stick (pictures and movies depending on the model), you can import pictures by connecting to a computer. No special driver is required to import from a Memory Stick.

      NOTE: Depending on the model, the Handycam Station has a USB output terminal.

    • For movie shot on tape, check the Video tape importing guide for instructions on how to capture movies to your computer from Video tape.