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Regarding the [Country Select] tab on [Modems Properties] of VAIO.

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Regarding the [Country Select] tab on [Modems Properties] of VAIO .

When I click the "+" button on the left of [Modem] from [Device Manager] and double-click the modem name to open [Modems Properties], I find the [Country Select] tab. Can I use my computer abroad if I were to select a country in the tab?

Since your machine has been released only for the Hong Kong market, you should therefore select Hong Kong in the [Country Select] tab on [Modem Properties].

The following lines are mentioned in the [Country Select] tab on [Modem Properties]:
"Selecting a country other than the one in which you are currently located may cause your modem to be configurated in a way that violates the telecommunication regulations/laws of that country.
In addition, your modem may not function properly if the correct country selection is not made. Only select the country in which you are located."