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Does PlayStation VR support HDR signals?

When my PlayStation VR is connected to a BRAVIA TV, I cannot change to the HDR mode on the PlayStation 4.

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Support for HDR signals varies depending on the PlayStation VR model.

  • If you are using the CUH-ZVR1:
    The Processor Unit of the PlayStation VR does not support the HDR signal output. (HDR pass through is not supported.)
    To watch HDR picture contents of PlayStation 4 in your BRAVIA TV, connect the PlayStation 4 directly to the BRAVIA TV which supports HDR with the HDMI cable.
  • If you are using the CUH-ZVR2:
    The Processor Unit of PlayStation VR supports HDR pass-through. 
    HDR picture content from the PlayStation 4 can be displayed through the Processor Unit.

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