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How to play back photo/music/video via USB and what are the supported formats for it?

Playing back supported photo/music/video via USB.

    User can enjoy playing photo/music/video files stored in a Sony digital still camera or camcorder using a USB cable or USB storage device on the TV.

    1. Connect a supported USB device to the TV.
    2. Press MENU.
    3. Press /support/attachments/392157/1.jpgto select Photo, Music or Video.
    4. The thumbnail view of file or folder appears.
      If more than one USB device is detected, select Device Selection from the list available options and press/support/attachments/392157/1.jpg, then press /support/attachments/392157/1.jpgto select a USB device and press/support/attachments/392157/1.jpg.
    5. Press /support/attachments/392157/1.jpgto select a file or folder, then press/support/attachments/392157/1.jpg.
      When you select a folder, select a file, then press/support/attachments/392157/1.jpg.
      Playback starts.


    USB playback is supported for the following photo file formats:
    - JPEG (JPEG format files with the extension .jpg and conforming to DCF 2.0 or EXIF 2.21)

    USB playback is supported for the following music file formats:
    - MP3 (files with the extension .mp3 that have not been copyrighted)

    USB playback is supported for the following video file formats:
    - MPEG-1
    - MPEG-2
    (MPEG-1 Layer II audio codec only)

    Note: The file name and folder name may not display correct in some cases.