Article ID : 00223959 / Last Modified : 22/02/2019

How to listen to music from Spotify service on the Blu-ray home theater system using Bluetooth.

    The following are required to get started using Spotify service:

    • Make sure that the Blu-ray home theater system and the mobile device are connected to the same network.
    • Create Spotify Premium account using a computer or a mobile device from the Spotify website.
    • Download the Spotify Music app from the Google Play store on your Android mobile device.

    Follow the steps below on how to listen to Spotify service using the Bluetooth feature of the Blu-ray home theater system:

    1. Press the HOME button of the supplied remote control of your Blu-ray home theater system.
    2. Go to Inputs.
    3. Scroll up or down to Bluetooth and press Select.
    4. On your mobile device, tap Settings.
    5. Turn On Bluetooth.

      NOTE: Make sure that the Bluetooth connection of the mobile device is enabled.

    6. Pair the mobile device with the Blu-ray home theater system.
    7. Once paired, launch Spotify Music app and select the content you want to play.