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How to use Motion Shot Video.

Motion Shot Video

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Motion Shot Video allows you to play back a recorded movie like a series of photos.

When Motion Shot Video is selected during movie playback, the product automatically detects moving objects and overlays each frame to display a sequence of images.


Image tracking interval can also be adjusted to match the speed of the subject's movements.


[1] Short interval [2] Long interval
  • Playing back Motion Shot Video
    • Playback operation may vary depending on your model. Refer to the manual supplied with the product or the Help Guide.
  • Tips
    • With the Motion Shot Video function, the product detects and captures all the moving objects on the monitor. You can therefore achieve a more effective image when there is only one moving object.


    • It is easier to perform overlay processing for moving objects captured at wide-angle zoom positions than at telephoto zoom positions.
    • If there are any moving objects in the background, or under low-light conditions such as a night scene, it is more difficult for the product to recognize the background and you may not be able to achieve satisfactory results.


    • If the subject on the monitor is too large, it is more difficult for the product to detect its movement and you may not be able to obtain satisfactory results.


    • If the subject is moving slowly or almost not at all, the trajectories may not be plottable.


  • Adjusting the image tracking interval
    • You can set the interval from Level 1 to Level 7.
      • Far left selected (Level 1): For objects moving at a high speed on the monitor
      • Center selected (Level 4): For objects moving at a medium speed on the monitor
      • Far right selected (Level 7): For objects moving at a low speed on the monitor


  • Motion Shot Videos cannot be saved as movies. If you are using a Cyber-shot® digital still camera, you cannot capture or save still images from the playback screen.
  • If you are using a Handycam® camcorder, you can capture still images from the movie and save them.
  • During playback of Motion Shot Video, there will be no sound output.
  • Motion Shot Video is only compatible with the AVCHD and MP4 movie formats.