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Can the GPS assist data be imported with a Macintosh computer?

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Using a compatible memory card for your camera and the supplied USB cable, it is possible to update the GPS assist data on a Macintosh® computer.

Follow the steps below to import the GPS assist data.

  1. Download the latest GPS assist data from

    NOTE: The file is downloaded to the Download folder on the computer.

  2. Insert the memory card into the camera.
  3. Connect the camera to the computer with the supplied USB cable.
  4. On the computer screen, double-click the memory card icon.

    NOTE:  The memory card icon name shows as Untitled or No Name.

  5. In the memory card window, create a new folder named Private.
  6. In the Private folder, create a new folder named Sony.
  7. In the Sony folder, create a new folder named GPS.
  8. Copy the downloaded GPS assist data file (assistme.dat) to the newly-created GPS folder.
  9. Turn off the camera.
  10. Disconnect the camera from the computer.
  11. Turn on the camera again.