Full Specifications & Features

SFN4 Series

Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)
24 x 32 x 2.1 mm
2 g

General Features

Recording Capacity
16 GB
Usable Capacity
14.4 GB
4bit parallel
Operating temperature range
-25 〜 + 85 (Non-condensing)
Speed Class
5 years

Colour Options



Ideal for high resolution video recording

File Rescue to recover damaged files such as photos, and x-Pict story TM to create your own slide show are available for free

File Rescue

Sometimes things go wrong and data such as photos and files get damaged or lost. File Rescue is a powerful tool for recovering damaged or lost data that is simple enough for anyone to use. Available as a free download to memory card customers, File Rescue scans the card and restores lost files with an impressive 90% success rate.

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x-Pict Story™

Great photos deserve to be seen and shared. x-Pict Story™ gives you the means to create striking, original slide shows, complete with your choice of music. The three-step process is very easy, and a sharing option makes uploading and sharing via video sharing service like YouTube™.

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