Full Specifications & Features


Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)
63.5 x 125 x 13.1 mm

General Features

Battery Capacity
5V 3.0A (Max)
No. of USB Output Ports
USB Type-C 1 port

Colour Options



Picture of Portable USB Charger

5000mAh capacity lithium-polymer battery

Charge a wide range of devices including smartphones and tablets, cameras, headphones and music players with this portable charger. The Sony-made lithium-ion polymer battery offers a capacity of 5000mAh

Picture of Portable USB Charger

Up to 2 smartphone charge on the go

The portable charger can recharge your smartphone up to 2 times  before it runs out. Take it camping, on long-haul flights, or simply use it as a back-up power supply.

3.0A USB-C output for ultra fast charge

Recharge your smartphone as fast as an AC wall charger - up to 6 times faster than conventional portable chargers

Built-in safety features

Overcharge current protection, short-circuit protection and temperature monitoring functions, all built-in.

Picture of Portable USB Charger

 Reusable and reliable

Thanks to Hybrid Gel technology, the CP-SC5 portable charger is rechargeable up to 1000 times

Picture of Portable USB Charger

Compatible with USB Type-C devices

Charge smartphones as well as tablets, cameras and other USB Type-C devices, thanks to the supplied micro USB Type-C cable.