DSEE HX™ Technology

Shake Up Your Music Library with Sony’s Original DSEE HX™ Technology for Near High-Resolution Audio Sound

Our music libraries are on all of our portable devices, whether they be phones, tablets or computers. But while your music libraries may be packed with great songs, if they aren’t in High-Resolution Audio you are not experiencing the sound quality that the artist intended you to hear.

While there are plenty of great High-Resolution Music downloading sites, Sony engineers have made it possible for you to listen to your regular music library in near High-Resolution Audio quality by developing the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE HX™) Technology.

How Does DSEE HX™ Work?

While lossy music files (like MP3s) are great for saving space on your device, they are missing vital information from the song’s original recording file. On the other hand, High-Resolution Audio file formats (such as FLAC and WAV) are created with lossless compression that allows the original data from a recording to be reconstructed almost perfectly by a class of algorithms. DSEE HX™ Technology lies somewhere in between. Here’s how:

Sony DSEE HX™ software upscales your existing sound source (those lossy MP3s or AACs) to near high-resolution sound quality. This means that the technology injects more life into your music by upscaling compressed files. So it restores the subtleties of the original song recording and simulates the sound of live performance.

DSEE HX™ Technology Products

This technology can be found in a wide range of Sony products. Here are some Sony products that include DSEE HX™ software as well as a whole host of other advanced features.

ZX2 High-Resolution Walkman® Top Features:

Store hundreds of High-Resolution Audio songs: 128 GB of internal memory

Great sound quality: Supports high-resolution playback DSD, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, MP3 and WMA files

Superb battery life: Up to 33 hours of high-resolution playback on a single charge

High quality wireless streaming: Provides top wireless Bluetooth® music streaming with Sony’s new audio technology LDAC™

HAP-S1 High-Resolution Player Top Features:

Great sound quality: Playback of DSD and the full range of high-resolution file formats

Storage capacity: 500GB of internal storage

Wired or wireless file transfer: The ability to transfer audio files from your computer via Ethernet or wireless connection

Xperia™ Z3 Smartphone Top Features:

Waterproof: With an IP65/68 rating, the Xperia™ Z3 can last for up to 30 minutes in fresh water, and you can dive as deep as 5 feet.

Takes stunning images: With Sony’s Exmor RS™ mobile sensor and the first ISO 12800 in a smartphone, this phone will take your photos to a whole new level.

Gaming: The only smartphone with PS4™ Remote Play.

Exceptional battery life: Estimated usage time of two days.

With DSEE HX™, Sony gives you the power to upgrade your existing music library to near High-Resolution Audio sound quality with the touch of a button. This is just another innovative technology from Sony that will enrich your music listening experience.

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