Wonkyu Studio

Wonkyu Studio

Founded in 2008, Wonkyu+ has beenthe leader in the wedding photographybusiness in Seoul, Korea. They have alsoexpanded to 5 different studio brandscalled: Noblesse, Difference, Masterpiece,Sixth Floor, and Soulgraphy.

Many Korean celebrities and sportsplayers choose Wonkyu+ for theirwedding photography, commercial, andmagazine photo shoots. These include:EXO, SISTA, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Jong Seok,GIRLFRIEND, Kim Hyun Joong, Ko Jun Hee,and many more.

What keeps you inspired as a Wedding Photographer? 

The reason why Wonkyu+ is created is because wedding photos can be one of the memorable times in a couple’s life. We are very happy to be a part of this event, and to help create this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Describe your wedding photography style. 

Our motto is: IMAGINE DO MORE / WE CAN MAKE IT – essentially, it means that we can make whatever you imagine. The distinctive characteristic of Wonkyu+ wedding photos is the spirit of the challenge. We have always tried to be different, to be better. Whatever our clients wish to achieve, we will always try, never giving up. That’s how we became the biggest name in the business.

What are the challenges you faced in Wedding Photography? 

We need to know the trends and changes, and we need to we respond fast to understand what our clients need and what they are expecting from Wonkyu+’s unique method. This means we must always think ahead of time to create better images.


What are the important details needed for Wedding Photography? 

The most important thing in wedding photography is good communication with the client. This lets us continuously improve the shot to create something that we are all happy and proud of.


What camera and lenses do you shoot with? 

The cameras I work with include: the α99 II, the α99 II , the α9 , the α7R II, and the α7R III. Our A Mount lenses include: SEL70200G, SAL85F14Z, SEL2470Z, SEL1635Z, SAL85F28 , SAL135F18Z, and FE Mount lenses include: SEL85F14GM, SEL2470GM, SEL55F18Z, SEL70200GM, SEL50F14Z, SEL85F18 and SEL1635GM.


How does your equipment support you in your photography? 

The amazing quality of Sony cameras certainly help with Wonkyu+’s every creation. We especially like the dynamic range and size of the raw files, which has greatly improved our imaging results.

Under natural light photo shoots, Sony cameras compensate for low lighting. In addition, the great EVF, powerful image stabilisation, and an LCD that tilts have changed our photography style in various ways. Battery life is extremely long and AutoFocus performance is highly satisfactory.


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