by Sixpence Chen

Chen Hsiang Yung

With 10 years’ of wedding photography experience under his belt, Sixpence certainly has an impressive résumé. As a professional, his achievements include being the Ambassador and Photographer of Hokkaido Travel for Japan Tourism Organisation, lead photographer for CWBook CSR Topics, Lecturer in the Wedding Photography Course in the School of Continuing Education at the Chinese Culture University, as well as a lecturer for the Dcview wedding photography course.

In addition, Sixpence has also competed on the global stage, winning the ISPWP International Wedding Photographer, Top 20 Wedding Photographers of the Year in 2011 and 2012, and earning third place in the So Sweet Wedding Photography Competition in 2013.

What keeps you inspired as a Wedding Photographer? 

Even though I studied to be an engineer in university, I am really an artist at heart, and I chose photography to express my art. My interest in wedding photography is inspired by my own wedding, which was an event I want to remember forever. In turn, I want to create beautiful photos for new couples to serve as a record of this day, so that 10 or 20 years later, they can still look back in joy. 

Describe your wedding photography style. 

It’s a combination of my personal style and the couples’ personalities. I want to create images that capture the romance, beauty, fashion, their intelligence and their passion for each other.

What are some challenges you face in Wedding Photography? 

The biggest challenge is the difficulty in forecasting ideal weather. Also, if my photography equipment is not stable, that can make things tough.


What are the important details needed for Wedding Photography? 

For me, the focus is on the couple, the people aspect of the photo. Thus, I need to be fully interested in my subject, so that the result is not expected and commercial.


What camera and lenses do you shoot with? 

I’m currently using the α7R III and α7R II cameras, and shooting with SEL1224G, SEL50F14Z, SEL85F14GM and SEL70200GM lenses.


How does your equipment support you in your photography? 

I use a lot of natural light and large aperture settings in my shots, so the performance of the autofocus is extremely important. The α7R III is very accurate in this aspect, especially with F1.4 – the performance is beyond any other model I have ever used. I get a higher number of great shots, which gives me confidence. It also has a high dynamic range, and lets me achieve high contrast images easily. In addition to taking close-up shots with a large aperture, the α7R III with extra wide lenses, such as SEL1224G and SEL1635Z perform outstandingly, especially when there are architecture or details in the background which need to be captured. I am very amazed by their results.


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