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Established in 2003, Dennis Mok aims to create moments experienced by newly weds on their special day. Dennis’s professional techniques, infused with his unique aesthetics, creates masterpieces that bring out the heart and soul of those special moments. With 14 years in the industry, Dennis is a renowned and highly-recommended specialist in Luxury Weddings. In addition to Hong Kong, Dennis has also been invited to China, Australia, and Switzerland and has built an impressive portfolio of over 1000 couples that includes celebrities, heads of corporations, as well as heirs of influential families. He has since won over 60 awards and is recognised as one of the world’s leading wedding photographers. Dennis is now very invested in the coaching and guidance of local and aspiring photographers in his travels to China, Singapore and Malaysia. 

What keeps you inspired as a Wedding Photographer? 

I started out as a Commercial Product photographer. However, at my sister’s wedding I took out my camera to take some shots, and realised that everyone in the photos was smiling. Comparing this experience with photoshoots of products, wedding shoots make me happier because I have always liked to interact with people.

Describe your wedding photography style. 

My photography aesthetic tends to lean towards the grand and elegant style.

What are some challenges you face in Wedding Photography? 

Finding the perfect angle of each couple, especially of the bride, is a challenge in wedding photography. No matter how sharp your image looks or how good the lighting is on the wedding day, the most important task of a wedding photographer is to take the best portraits of them. Because they place so much trust in me as a wedding photographer, I need to find their best angles and to capture every significant frame of their wedding day. Another challenge is that every venue has different lightings and feel. I must know how to maintain the actual wedding atmosphere and convey it through the photos.

What are the important details needed for Wedding Photography? 

The primary focus, of course, is the wedding gown because, as a bride, you would have spent a lot of your budget on a gown that you will only get to wear once in a lifetime.

What camera and lenses do you shoot with? 

I shoot with the α9 and α7R III cameras, and I use the SEL1224G, SEL2470GM, SEL70200GM and SEL85F14GM lenses. 

How does your equipment support you in your photography? 

For my wedding shots, Eye AutoFocus is the feature I use most. I can keep shooting and not be afraid that the portraits are not properly focused. The dual card slot also makes working with α7R III and α9 more reliable. As for image quality, the wide dynamic range that Sony cameras capture makes post editing easier. With AF point and coverage, I’m able to capture the details of their wedding rings even if it’s placed at the very edge of the frame. Sony lenses are high in quality, especially G master lenses – they are very impressive, extremely sharp and capture amazing colour. With these cameras, my whole set of equipment is lighter. This means I can travel easily and manage a whole day at a wedding shoot without tiring myself. 

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