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ICD-UX300F/UX400F Firmware Update Version 1.01

Article ID:384875(modified 23 Mar 2011)

Applicable Models


What does this download do?

For owners of IC Recorder ICD-UX300F/UX400F, we provide the firmware update to the latest version 1.01.

Target products
The followings are the target product of this service, whose firmware version should be equal to 1.00.

  • ICD-UX300F/UX400F
    (The symptoms mentioned below do not occur when you are using ICD-UX200/UX200F.)

Fixed symptoms

Customers may experience the following symptoms when dividing a recorded message into two during playback using the IC recorder. The symptoms will be fixed with this firmware update.

The following symptoms do not occur when dividing a message during recording.

  • When trying to play back the newer part of the divided message, an error message “File Damaged” may be rarely displayed and the message can not be played back.
  • When playing back the newer part of the divided message, the message may be rarely played back at the speed of fast forward.
  • When a recorded message is divided into two using the IC recorder, the newer part of the divided message may be rarely deleted automatically.

How to confirm the Model and the Firmware version

If the firmware version of the unit is 1.01, there is no need to apply this firmware update program.

Please confirm the Model
The model name can be found on the back side of the unit.

* The above image shows ICD-UX300F.

Please confirm the Firmware version

  1. Turn the IC Recorder On.
  2. Confirm that IC Recorder is in the stop mode.
    (The below image is shown as an example of the display window of the IC recorder when the IC recorder is in the stop mode.)/support/attachments/384242/model.PNG
  3. Press and hold the /support/attachments/384242/stop.PNG  STOP button for more than 1 second.
    Firmware version will appear on the display window.
    (The firmware version displayed in the display window of the unit.)

Available Download
ICD-UX300F/UX400F Firmware Update Version 1.01
Filename: ICDUXX00_V101.zip
Download size: 613 KB
Updated on: 16th March 2010

Important Notes

Target PC environments
Operating System

  • Windows® 7
    (Ultimate / Professional / Home Premium / Home Basic / Starter)
  • Windows® Vista (Service Pack 1 or higher)
    (Ultimate / Business / Home Premium / Home Basic)
  • Windows® XP (Service Pack 3 or higher)
    (Media Center Edition 2005 / Media Center Edition 2004 / Media Center Edition /Professional / Home Edition)
  • Windows® 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 or higher *
  • Mac OS X ( v10.2.8-v10.6.2 )

    64 bit versions of Windows XP are not supported.

Hardware requirements
Port: USB port


  • We do not guarantee trouble-free operation on all computers.
  • The following systems are not supported.
    - Operating systems other than the ones indicated on the above.
    - Personally assembled computers or operating systems.
    - Upgraded Operating systems.
    - Multi-boot environment.
    - Multi-monitor environment.

Preparation for Update
Before updating the firmware, prepare for it with the following steps:

  1. Confirm the remaining battery indicator of the unit.

    Confirm that all of the remaining battery indicators in the display window of the unit light up.

    If battery power runs out during the firmware update, the firmware update may not succeed.

    (The below image indicates the remaining battery indicator which will be displayed when all of the remaining battery indicators in the display window of the unit light up.)

  2. Save a backup copy of recorded messages and data in the IC recorder to your computer.

    It is strongly recommended that you copy recorded messages and data in the IC recorder to your computer before updating the firmware, just in case data loss of the IC recorder occurs due to this firmware update.

    Sony Corporation will not assume any liability to the owner of the IC recorder for any damage including data loss relating to this firmware update service.

  3. Confirm the position of the HOLD/POWER switch.
    Slide the HOLD/POWER switch toward the center.

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