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Original Drivers and Applications for VPCF1 Series (Windows 7 64 Bit)

Article ID:376488(modified 23 Mar 2011)

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Original Drivers for VPCF1 Series
FileName: ChipsetIntel.zip 
FileSize: 2,453,197 bytes
FileName: NVIDIAGraphics.zip 
FileSize: 98,322,732 byte
FileName: AudioDriver.zip 
FileSize: 76,618,806 bytes
FileName: MSDriver.zip 
FileSize: 1,095,150 bytes
FileName: SDDriver.zip 
FileSize: 817,638 bytes
FileName: EthernetDriverMarvell.zip 
FileSize: 1,977,111 bytes
FileName: PointingDriverAlps.zip 
FileSize: 11,238,121 bytes
FileName: SFEPDriver.zip 
FileSize: 771,882 bytes
FileName: BluetoothDriver.zip 
FileSize: 33,593,503 bytes
FileName: WirelessLANAtheros.zip 
FileSize: 3,764,887 bytes
FileName: WirelessLANIntel.zip 
FileSize: 42,248,623 bytes

Original Applications for VPCF1 Series
FileName: SettingUtilitySeries.zip 
FileSize: 8,793,827 bytes
FileName: SonySharedLibrary.zip 
FileSize: 1,464,904 bytes
FileName: VAIOEventService.zip 
FileSize: 5,910,578 bytes
FileName: VAIOControlCenter.zip 
FileSize: 3,400,901 bytes
FileName: BatteryChecker.zip 
FileSize: 2,433,614 bytes
FileName: VAIOLocationUtility.zip 
FileSize: 1,345,038 bytes
FileName: VAIOPowerManagement.zip 
FileSize: 11,026,245 bytes
FileName: VAIOSmartNetwork.zip 
FileSize: 5,549,567 bytes
FileName: VAIOUpdate.zip 
FileSize: 12,654,090 bytes
FileName: VAIOGate.zip 
FileSize: 17,854,627 bytes

Important Notes

Please install the following drivers and applications based from the download order

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