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We understand that Projectors are not just needed for lengthy office presentations. To cater to business users who have to travel frequently, Sony has especially designed Business Projectors that are slim and lightweight, for easy carrying. To ensure easy usage, the projectors are a breeze to set up and the features easy to operate. They are also equipped with the necessary features to make your presentations a breeze to conduct.
High picture quality and easy to use – the affordable, compact VPL-E Series of data projectors is an excellent choice for both education and business.
Sony’s VPL-D Series of powerful tabletop projectors offer a great quality-per-cost balance for desktop presentations.
High Brightness of 5.2K/4K Lumens, Stylish, Easy to Install, and Simple to Use – the VPL-F series projectors are ideal for Vivid and Clear Presentations in Large Venue Applications.
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Premium VPL-M series projectors that uses Sony's BrightEra technology that is slim, lightweight and stylish for highly mobile applications.
Using Sony's unique Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD), depending on model, to provide a true home cinematic experience for every family moment, movie screening and game.
*Actual colour and dimension may differ from the screen image
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