Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • VGN-SZ25GP
  • VGN-SZ11NP
  • VGN-SZ26TP
  • VGN-SZ24SP
  • VGN-SZ27SP
  • VGN-SZ15GP
  • VGN-SZ16TP
  • VGN-SZ18GP
  • VGN-SZ21SP
  • VGN-SZ13TP
  • VGN-SZ17NP
  • VGN-SZ28TP
  • VGN-SZ28GP
  • VGN-SZ23TP
  • VGN-SZ14SP
  • VGN-SZ13GP
  • VGN-SZ17SP
  • VGN-SZ18TP
  • VGN-SZ23GP

About this download

This program will upgrade the firmware of DVD Writer Drive UJ-842 to Ver.1.0.1. Following are improved in this upgrade version.
1. Quality of recording DVD+/-R DL.
2. Record correspondence to new Disc media (DVD+R DL)

Available Downloads:
PCC DVD Writer Drive UJ-842 F/W 1.01 Update Program
File name: KMFOPD-01406000-UN.exe
File size: 1.93 MB (2,029,584 bytes)

File Info

File Name

  • To install PCC DVD Writer Drive UJ-842 F/W 1.01 Update Program

File Version

  • 1.01

File Size

  • 1.93MB

Release Date

  • 2006-12-20

System Requirements

  • Windows XP


IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the upgrade, disconnect all external hardware devices, including PC Cards etc.
Note: Before proceeding, ensure that the VAIO computer is operated using the supplied AC adapter.
Note: Save all data/files and close all running programs.




 1. Ensure that the Optical Drive is UJ-842D.

 2.  Download the file to a temporary or download directory (Please note this directory for reference later).

 3.  Go to the directory where the file was downloaded and double-click the KMFOPD-01406000-UN.exe file

 4.  Follow the instructions displayed in the installation wizard.

 5.  After installation is completed, please restart the computer.
To check if the updating is successful

 1.  Double-click KMFOPD-01406000-UN.exe file again.

 2.  If the installation is successful, the message Firmware of drive is already up to date will appear.